Monday, January 23, 2012


English: Collegiate cheerleaders perform a hig...Image via WikipediaI saw a tweet, from my good friend @JessicaNorthey that simply read, "How do you feel today?" And I was reminded of a cheer from my high school days. The yell leader (male version of cheerleader, remember I went to high school in the 70's) would shout, "Hey cheerleaders, how do you feel?" to which they'd reply via dance that twirled their skirts up while they squated down, "We feel good. A do it, do it, do it, umph!"

This cheer usually opened the second half, depending on how the North Hollywood Huskies were doing at the same time, simply to bring up the crowd. After the cheerleaders' initial response, he'd again shout, "How do you really feel???" This is where the fun begins....

They'd dance and swing their hips to to tune of, "My back is breakin' my fingers ache, my hips are shakin' to the left, right left..." and then they'd collapse. The weird part comes from my perspective up in the announcer's box, with my binoculars in hand. And before you jump to conclusions, yes, I was asked to help the announcer with play calling. Staring at cheerleaders in between plays was how you say, a perk. It also helped that I had a crush on one of them, but that's another post for another time, at quite possibly a website that I'll never write for. Or to.

Anyways, as an audience member, when they said left, their hips went right, and vice versa.  Now, being classically trained in stage, I knew they were performing for the audience, however, to a crazy mixed up kid like myself, it could be construed as confusing as well.

How can we apply this to today? I don't know, I'm just a reporter. Of course, Clark Kent used that excuse a few times, so, maybe I'm in good company.

Currently, it's raining in Redondo, but it must be 72 and sunny somewhere....

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