Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Rules For 2016 and Beyond

I have three rules that should be adhered to, or for the grammarians amongst you, to which to be adhered.

  1. Don't Text Me
  2. Call Me
  3. If You Can't Follow 1 & 2; Write me.
Simple and elegant. Right?

Not so fast if you're reading something I've written for the very first time.

A small calculation of my average typing speed spread out over an 8 hour day for which I've spent about 40+ years worth of give or take,  becomes a very big number.

Oh, and if you're about to ask, I've been 39 for over 17 years now.

Comments appreciated, and required otherwise I won't know that you've read this particular missive.

72 and Sunny in Redondo Beach™

Monday, December 22, 2014

ALIGNMENT: The REAL Secret to the Screenwriting Deal (Screenwriting Uncu...

While I agree with the sentiment, he lost me at, "Disney doesn't make horror films" or some such paraphrase, simply because I snidely commented, "That's all Disney makes!"

The bigger issue is, write what you want, and if it's a story that needs to be told, it will find its market.

Watch the video, and comment here, or goto the tube that is you, and comment there if you'd like.

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Multiversity Easter Eggs Revealed

Okay, okay. Okay okay okay.

They used Earth-37.  Well, they haven't yet, however, they will at some point.  I know this may not mean anything to most of you, however, it's the universe wherein the Seacoast City heroes reside.  I may have to rethink.  Let me know if you think there are any available #'s with the 3 theme available, that aren't already taken by this poster.

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

168Blog: Beginning Middle End - Why We Like Stories

168Blog: Beginning Middle End - Why We Like Stories

This is as good a place as any, I guess.

I don't know how he knew to post this on my 20th Anniversary.

What I do know is this; I strive to be conflict free, which according to the post may not be possible.

This is what I disagree with.  You may choose to agree, at which point, I'd advise you to leave a comment and tell me why.  A newer conversation may result as a side effect.

What's my tag line here?

Saturday, January 18, 2014

The Flash!!!

All-American's first superheroes began their r...
All-American's first superheroes began their run in Flash Comics #1 (Jan. 1940), cover art by Sheldon Moldoff. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Took me a while on this one, simply because I wanted to get the words right, and I truly have just these two stanzas, however, for your entertainment pleasure, I give you the following:

I am not Jay Garrick, the fastest man alive!
He can get there quicker, than either you or I!
Mercury and Hermes share a common theme
I am not them either, it must've been a dream.

The end result of everything and this you know is true...
I am not Jay Garrick, and neither, are you!!!

Of course, the current Flash is Barry Allen (again!) and for those of you that remember things that happened in the DC Universe before the New 52 reboot know that Jay Garrick was the 1st Flash.

Anyone remember when the DC Universe was simple to follow? Me neither ;)

Most of the pertinent information is in the caption of the cover. Not sure about The Whip or Cliff Cornwall, however, there's always someone out there writing stories that by sheer (shear?) virtue of ALL the available information out there,  will never be read.

That's not an indication of the quality of the story, either.  The greatest writer never read is someone we'll never be able to find, simply by definition.  But he's out there, trust me.  It might even be me, unless of course, you're reading this, in which case, you should leave a comment or else, I'll never know.

Oh, for my friends, I may sing the above at some point in my life, and you may even be there to witness the phenomenon.  It might even happen this evening ;)

So, to review,  read, comment, and maybe follow links I haven't provided yet ;)

72 and sunny in Redondo Beach. Adjust your expectations accordingly™

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Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Mr. 168!

Who is he?

Why is he here?
Where did he come from?
What just happened?
When will he come here? And Finally...

How does he do it?

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Opening Day

Means different things to different people. Clearly, it refers to when your team starts the regular season in sports.  There's a different term for when the irregular season starts, but that's not what this is about.

June 1st, 2013

Church Softball League has its first game today. I played, my son did not. I didn't embarrass myself too greatly, as I went 1/2 with a walk and a run scored. Did join the K club my last at bat, however.

The bottom dropped out of the pitch.  Yeah, let's go with that.

And if you've ever had your bottom dropped out, you know just how pleasurable that can be ;)

The 168 Project

Not to be confused with, My 168 Project is winding down. We got our film turned in on time, and now we simply need to complete paperwork by COB Monday. We will do this.

Why you ask? Or, maybe you didn't as I don't really know you.

Met Jeff Rector @MagicCastle the other night. I'm hoping that I can get a free festival screening pass, if such a thing exists....

That's about it from here for now. I have paperwork to complete, and more movies to write that no one will see....

That's My Story. Hope you enjoyed it™