Tuesday, August 10, 2010

JLA, The Movie!!!

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It would seem that the fine folks at The WB have finally figured out that a live action Justice League movie would be a good thing.  However, further in depth analysis of this article, and the surrounding rumors, AND what I experienced at Comic Con leave me skeptical:

  • No Batman
  • No Superman
  • Wonder Woman hasn't been cast yet
The list could go on forever, but I'll cover these three points, and then maybe you can make more in the comment section.

No Batman

Even if there was, would Christian Bale play the part? Probably not, as he doesn't even want to play second fiddle to Robin, if he were to appear in the next Batman movie. So, a recast would definitely be in order here, however, why not? Had anyone heard of Christopher Reeve before? Which brings us to

No Superman

Of course there's no Superman, simply because well, they haven't found the aforementioned's replacement yet. Brandon Routh, while a good actor, (see his Chuck episodes) was simply not the embodiment of the quiet yet reserved Clark Kent and Superman at the same time. Big red boots to fill, let me assure you.  After all, the powers don't come from the costume, as they do with Batman. And Finally

Wonder Woman hasn't been cast yet

There's a reason for this, which boils downto, the WW movie has been bogged down in Warner Brothers development hell, which I believe is the fifth ring, for years now. Not sure if Joss Whedon is still at the helm, but they could do a lot worse, and have in the past. PS, Charisma Carpenter IS available.

With two out of the big three not even proposed to be in the film, how do you make a true JLA film? For my money, you can't.

Adjust your expectations accordingly.

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1 comment:

Eyz said...

Well, it could just as easily follow a storyline similar to "JLA: Year One", which apart from cameos, didn't really have Bats, Supes or WW as well.
But at least they had the Flash and Green Lantern...if you take those out as well, there isn't much "firepower" on the team's side.
(Aquaman? Black Canary?...)