Saturday, January 18, 2014

The Flash!!!

All-American's first superheroes began their r...
All-American's first superheroes began their run in Flash Comics #1 (Jan. 1940), cover art by Sheldon Moldoff. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Took me a while on this one, simply because I wanted to get the words right, and I truly have just these two stanzas, however, for your entertainment pleasure, I give you the following:

I am not Jay Garrick, the fastest man alive!
He can get there quicker, than either you or I!
Mercury and Hermes share a common theme
I am not them either, it must've been a dream.

The end result of everything and this you know is true...
I am not Jay Garrick, and neither, are you!!!

Of course, the current Flash is Barry Allen (again!) and for those of you that remember things that happened in the DC Universe before the New 52 reboot know that Jay Garrick was the 1st Flash.

Anyone remember when the DC Universe was simple to follow? Me neither ;)

Most of the pertinent information is in the caption of the cover. Not sure about The Whip or Cliff Cornwall, however, there's always someone out there writing stories that by sheer (shear?) virtue of ALL the available information out there,  will never be read.

That's not an indication of the quality of the story, either.  The greatest writer never read is someone we'll never be able to find, simply by definition.  But he's out there, trust me.  It might even be me, unless of course, you're reading this, in which case, you should leave a comment or else, I'll never know.

Oh, for my friends, I may sing the above at some point in my life, and you may even be there to witness the phenomenon.  It might even happen this evening ;)

So, to review,  read, comment, and maybe follow links I haven't provided yet ;)

72 and sunny in Redondo Beach. Adjust your expectations accordingly™

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1 comment:

Serenity said...

Alas Flash is is name
and fast is his game.

He’s fast and here
But no one can call him dear

Flash I say
Help come save the day!

Great poem