Monday, January 16, 2017

Coolness Achieved!

I'd like to thank those that have already contributed, and I would ask for your continued support. Having taken a hiatus from all things 168, I have come to several conclusions which I may enumerate the next time you see me face to face.

I'm again participating this season. I have an Executive Producer signed up to raise money to cover the minimal expenses which boil downto, food during production week, and covering the entry fee itself.

There are new categories since last I played on this particular field.  "What? Mike did a sports analogy?? Preposterous!!!" Most of you may be thinking exactly that at this point, but that's not important.  As a 168 alum, there is the ability to make a non-speed film. There's also never truly been a rule against having more than one team, as I demonstrated adequately in 2012.

New for this year I think, is the ability to create a warmup film of 168 seconds, with twelve seconds for credits making a total of 3 minutes.  I'm going to start that almost right away.  I'll get a verse with the theme The Love of The Father.  What's that mean to you?

To continue this particular missive while at the same time burying the lead would be superfluous.  I was at a convention recently wherein I was told that magneticity wasn't a word. Shakespeare created 537 words in his lifetime so I'm pretty sure I can have two or three of my own.

That was a really weird transition, right?

I was going to say something about multisyllabic words being all the rage these days, however some wordsmiths out there use them to sound smarter than they actually are.   Also, I've already given you two calls to action, and an implied third, so let me know what you think in the comments below, and I'm pretty sure that's a fourth.

That's my story. Hope you enjoyed it. Soon to be a major motion picture™.

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