Thursday, August 30, 2018

These Are My #ThursdayThoughts

Literal day today. Anyone speaking in metaphors will have to talk to me another day. Seriously. I don't have time to translate your memes, even if you think everyone knows them. This goes for acronyms too. By definition, there are 26^3 possible three letter acronyms, and that's just in the English language. Each of those may have multiple meanings that I don't have time to lookup either.

Turns out I have a life outside of sitting in front of this beast we call a computer. I can't be here 24/7, and I'm pretty sure neither can you. I just got a day job wherein the #1 rule is and I quote, "Cellphone use while at post is grounds for termination!" Okay, I added the exclam, but you get the idea. Exclam is short for exclamation point, however I didn't think you'd think it was a former mollusk.

While writing this missive, I'm not going to be going for any particular pie chart changes either. They are what they are. I do remember one time when one of them was 100% affectionate, however I don't know how I did that at this point. I was thinking mostly at that point too.

These mourning pages are colored by what's going on around me on a particular day, and today we have construction going on across the street for about another month or three, and a cooking show that shall remain nameless running in the background that I'm somewhat paying attention to. Yes, I've committed the cardinal sin not to be confused with an ordinal sin; I've ended a sentence with a preposition.

Colors are going to be primary for most of the rest of the year as well. Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo, and finally, Violet. Roy G. Biv, a character name that I will use at some point.

Oh, Crayola in their infinite wisdom gives you six colors plus white and black in their 8 crayon set. I made this observation the other day, and yet again, Indigo gets short shrift. How short is a shrift anyways?

There's a theory out there that the coat of many colors, or the amazing technicolor dream coat for those of you that have seen The Musical by Andrew Lloyd Webber, tells all stories. Or rather, tells you how to tell a story. Maybe this theory is mine that I'm putting out there for the first time for everyone to see. 7 main characters, and they all have a color. Seven acts and they all have a color. How many different combinations and permutations from here? It's not astronomical like the odds against a royal fizzbin, but we haven't even considered genres yet. PS, those of you that put a "D" in genre need to go back to elementary reading and pronunciation school.

As a magician, I perform pick a card tricks for a living. I have roughly 20 minutes of comedy magic I can perform if someone hands me a deck a cards. I don't necessarily hate the fact that I'm always asked to perform at a moment's notice, however it does get annoying at times.  I'm happy to do it if I'm all propped up as it were, but most of the time, I'm just me.

So, I perform impromptu mentalism. Okay, spellcheck, if that is indeed your real name, I KNOW THAT'S SPELLED CORRECTLY!!! Sometimes, you only need three exclams. 

Digression is a matter of fact these days in the million dollar minute. It used to be a thousand dollars, however I'm adjusting for inflation. Oh, I'll be on a panel at Alpha Omega Con coming up soon in Downey, CA, and I may talk about some of the above.

So, now that I've paused for reflection, I'll continue.

Contrary to somewhat popular belief, okay, it was kids in a pre-school class last century, the world didn't magically turn from black and white to color like in the classic, The Wizard of Oz. The world has always been in color. I wonder if there's anyone left that dreams in Black & White?

Pretentious film school students want to make their movies in B&W. When I was acting for film school students, I was in a few of those myself. Something for your reel. Well, this is real life, and you only get one take.

In any case, if writing comes downto choices, and the fact that as the writer of a particular script I get to create the world, doesn't that make me a god of sorts?

I'll let you figure that out. If any of the above doesn't make sense, by all means, let me know below....

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