Friday, April 28, 2017


Don't tell me you're sorry. Do what I asked you to do. I know life is easier when you don't do things for others, however, how do you think they feel?

This is not directed at any one particular person. I've had a lot of people lately tell me, "I'm sorry." Hey, that's great.  Disappoint me further. I can take it. Sure I can. I've experienced disappointment in the past, so it becomes easier as life goes on.

According to this article our future defines our past. Without boring you with the details or the math, according to some that have degrees in this sort of thing, what you do now forms what you've done previously.  Therefore, past performance does NOT indicate a future result as we've previously learned or been taught. It's actually the reverse.

This may go to the whole cause/effect vs. choices relationship that I've spoken about in the past. It may not. I don't truly know if you've heard that speech. It may have been a lecture or a humorous anecdote.  I say this as I don't know where you've heard me speak. I may have been on a panel at Comic Con. I may still be on one in the future. Which Comic Con? Well, that's for you to decide.

I do know I'll be onstage at WhedonCon 2017 in a few weeks. Maybe you'll see me there at the costume contest. I'm going to turn it into a masquerade after I figure out what the difference between the two is. Hope to see you there!!!

What else is going on? Everything is connected.  We learn this from Dirk Gently, or Douglas Adams. He always like the way the sounds deadlines made as they went whooshing by....

There might be an animation of that out there. If not, I invite you to create it and post a link here in the comments. 

To close, this is the official launch of the #NoApologiesNecessary tour. If you see that tag in The Twitterverse, or on book of the face, an RT or a share will be much appreciated. Who knows? Maybe we can make the tag go viral, and then people will start keeping their promises.

Stranger things have happened.

72 and sunny in Redondo Beach.™

That's my story. Hope you enjoyed it. Soon to be a major motion picture.

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